Governors Ball was an outstanding an fantastic way to involve music back to everyones life.

Music Resurfaces and Flourishes Despite Covid-19

Maddie Levi and Ella Mancuso January 11, 2022

The music industry has been revitalized with music festivals, concerts, and new album releases.   Covid-19 did not prevent Governors Ball 2021 from coming back bigger and better than ever before....

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With the rise of Covid-19, mask mandates, quarantining, and lockdowns have affected socialization in school life.

High School Socialization In Covid-19

Saniya Shah, Editor-in-Chief January 11, 2022

Due to Covid-19, socialization has become an increasingly difficult endeavor. During the lockdown last year, many students, especially those who stayed remote, could only socialize over text or call. While...

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Silva supports players on the field with a high five to keep their spirits up.

Wilton High School’s Managers Teach Us A Valuable Lesson

Bella Andjelkovic, Managing Editor December 17, 2021

Being a “manager” of one of Wilton High School’s many sports can mean completely different things depending on the person. From a casual side activity, to basically the equivalent of a part-time...

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A deer lays gracefully on the snow as the cold season approaches this dreary time of year.

Frosty Days

Bernie Huang, Media Staff December 16, 2021

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Computer science ,and coding in general, stands as an important aspect of modern society.

The Advent of New Programming Opportunities

Anant Srinivasan, Managing Editor December 16, 2021

In a world that revolves around computers and advanced technology, computing provides unprecedented advantages for society, so students must be able to harness the power of computing. Partaking in competitive...

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As popular as it is, Trader Joes stock is often lacking.

Opinion: Don’t be a Traitor-Trader Joe’s…

Maddie Levi, Staff Writer December 15, 2021

For loyal TJ’s fans, nothing compares to the satisfaction of scoring a coveted item at Trader Joe’s you have consistently been scanning the aisles for; like that inexplicably delicious pint of cookie...

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Emily Mrakovcic, captain of the Wilton High School girls’ cross country team, runs a final race on the CIAC State Open course on her road to the New England Championships.

A Fight to the Finish

Joy Ren, Editor-in-Chief December 2, 2021

“Runners, on your mark.” Anticipation echoes across the field as runners settle into their starting positions. Arms cocked in ninety degree angles and torsos tilted forward, the tension is finally...

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Mental health days are becoming more and more relevant and necessary for students.

Opinion: A Struggle That Doesn’t Have to Be

Grace DiBuono-Krafick, Staff Writer December 2, 2021

Fatigue and burnout are plaguing American teenagers. While awareness of this adolescent epidemic has increased in recent years, solutions to this overwhelming issue haven’t proven effective. This...

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Taylor Swift came out with her absolutely outstanding album on November 12, 2021.

“I Remember It All Too Well”: Taylor Swift’s Red is the Break-Up Album We Never Knew We Needed

Linda Petersen, Staff Writer December 2, 2021

Breaking up is hard to do. Take it from me, I know.  I’ve never considered myself a heartbreaker, but let’s just say that my July Spotify playlist contained a lot of Taylor Swift. And by a lot,...

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Wilton High School takes on spirit week to its full capacity.

Opinion: “It Was a Big Success”

Linda Petersen, Staff Writer November 17, 2021

There’s nothing I loathe more than a good celebration. I don't know if it's the crowd factor or the “yay rah-rah” of what I can only attribute to something I usually have about as much desire to...

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