The that girl trend has taken a large effect on girls and young people overall.
Opinion: Redefining Health in an Appearance-Based Society
Yana Giannoutsos, Staff Writer • April 6, 2022

That Girl and Other Trends The idea of “that girl” has spread rapid-fire around social media platforms, much like other popular diet and lifestyle trends. But what if...

Social media is a main factor for students lack of reading.
Social Media Reinforces the Distance Between Teens and Reading
Ava Marini, Staff Writer • April 6, 2022

In our constant moving world, how many of us still sit down to read a book? I’ll bet that’s a small number of us. Most teens today have distant relationships with literature....

Be Wise, Don’t Underutilize
Bella Andjelkovic, Managing Editor • April 2, 2022
Re-emergence and Convergence
Yana Giannoutsos, Staff Writer • January 18, 2022
High School Socialization In Covid-19
Saniya Shah, Staff Writer • January 11, 2022
Percy Jackson and the Olympians: a thrilling and new rendition of the old, matured story.
Angel Gupta, Staff Writer • June 2, 2022

Just about every fan that I can think of has put down the Percy Jackson movies in some way. Everyone recollects the movies, but never in a...

Ladybird: A Movie That Grows With You
Ria Raniwala, Managing Editor • January 24, 2022
Lora Simakova, Editor-in-Chief • December 3, 2021
Lora Simakova, Editor-in-Chief • December 3, 2021
Record, Observe, Report
Lora Simakova, Editor-in-Chief • December 3, 2021
"Icarus" is not one to miss
Piper Chase, Guest Writer • May 1, 2021
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