Coach Liptack huddles with his team during a match, following with a motivating speech.

Students learn valuable lessons as long-loved coach retires from coaching volleyball

Grace DiBuono-Krafick, Staff Writer November 12, 2020

This past Friday, Wilton High School's freshman girls volleyball team competed in its final match of the season, outscoring Ridgefield two sets to one. This game not only marked the end of 2020's shortened...

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An emotionless teenager leaves her home on the weekends, but despises the thought of learning online again.

The invisible battle

Lora Simakova, Editor-in-Chief October 31, 2020

Students worldwide are suffering the consequences of COVID-19 every day they go, or don’t go, to school. No matter the situation, each student is struggling in one way or another. Three students under...

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Positive Directions currently offers teletherapy to help students, and everyone, deal with the stress in their lives.

Teletherapy helps the Wilton High School community face the depths of loss

Ria Raniwala, Managing Editor October 27, 2020

Over the past eight months, the Wilton community has endured countless tragedies and losses. Coping in any case can be difficult, but under the current circumstances it seems almost impossible to manage...

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The NBA Bubble goes a whole season with no COVID-19 cases while still fighting social injustices, making history for the association.

NBA Bubble Recap: the incredible accomplishment that made history

Mack Kepner, Head of Athletics October 23, 2020

It has been over six months since the Oklahoma City Thunder and Utah Jazz walked off the basketball court. Since the fans at Chesapeake Energy Arena headed for the exits before the game had even begun.  Since...

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Pfizer is mass-producing their COVID-19 vaccine hoping for emergency approval.

COVID Update: Mass production of COVID-19 vaccines led by Pfizer

Gavin Lam, Staff Writer October 19, 2020

Many have been waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine to come out, and with our fingers crossed, there may be hope ahead. Pfizer, a Manhattan based pharmaceutical company, has just announced that they are mass...

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“Onward” Isn’t Pixar Wizardry, But It’s Still Pretty Good

“Onward” Isn’t Pixar Wizardry, But It’s Still Pretty Good

Sebastian Hunt, The Forum's Head Writer of Film & TV March 8, 2020

★★★☆☆ In keeping with Pixar’s recent run of good-not-great animated outings, Onward is a charming yet overly familiar family-friendly adventure. Quality-wise, it’s roughly equal to 2013’s...

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Holiday Baking Recipes

December 20, 2019

Holiday Baking Recipes By Anastasia Rogozinski   While snow falls outside and the temperature drops, cookies bake in the oven, enveloping the house in warmth and the smell of sugar and spice....

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Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast

Lauren Travers May 3, 2019

Everyone has heard the phrase “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and it is, Breakfast is very important and should never be skipped. While breakfast does fuel a person's energy for the...

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College Admissions Scandal

Anastasia Rogozinski May 3, 2019

The process of applying to college and waiting for an acceptance can be considered one of the most stressful times in a high schooler’s life. This makes the news of the college admissions scandal all...

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Four Democrats to Watch during the 2020 Primary Elections

Sean Purdy May 3, 2019

Over the past few decades, election cycles have been drawn out longer and longer. This 2020 election season is no exception, with a Democratic pool consisting of 18 candidates who have already launched...

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