Sebastian Alas has developed into a young artist; one day hoping to become a true extraordinaire. (Sebastian Alas)
Sebastian Alas has developed into a young artist; one day hoping to become a true extraordinaire.

Sebastian Alas

Finding a passion: A young artist

Sebastian Alas finds his passion

January 6, 2021

“Heavenly shades of night are falling

It’s twilight time

Out of the mist your voice is calling

‘Tis twilight time”


Everyone has a passion; an intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction for one thing. For some, that may be a sport; others may find their way with painting. But for Sebastian Alas, his hands were drawn to art; film, photography, and music.

The high school student’s passion has grown from a once small hobby to a dream, a dream that he yearns to make a reality one day.

“I love art for many reasons. It can be interpreted in many ways, and it’s supposed to make you feel. It can resonate with people; that’s just the best part. It can reach people in unimaginable ways. That’s what I love, want to do, and strive towards with art,” Alas said.

Alas was immersed in art from a young age; it was a staple integration in his household. His motivations started with his family’s presentation of the passion, but it continued to grow as every person enters his life.

“Initially, I think, my family influenced my love for music and film. Around 6th grade was when my passion started to develop, but nonetheless, it was always a part of my life. And now, it’s a hobby that I dream of expanding into more than just something I work on in my free time,” Alas said.

Frank Ocean, Scott Miscudi, Tyler the Creator, and Donald Glover are definitely big influences of mine in the field. I think it’s incredibly important to have someone to look up to, especially in such a competitive industry.

— Sebastian Alas

During these recent years of his growing love for art, a few people have started to stand out as significant motivators in his life. From his cousins to his family overall, Alas has found a group of supportive people to follow him through this journey, even to his significant other.

“My motivation for my passion in art would definitely have to be my girlfriend, my friends, my parents, my brother and cousin; my family in general. These are just a few people that influence my love for film and music,” Alas said.

Yet, amid the many supporters he has gained, Alas feels a specifically important person in his life has stood out as a leader towards developing his morals in life. 

Among Alas’ many influential figures in life, his uncle is one of extraordinary making. Although Alas aspires to make amazing content for the world to enjoy, his family and close friends remain his top priority, just as his uncle taught him from a young age.

“My uncle, Fernando Franco Franco Jr., was very successful. And with his success came many things, but family always came first. He is overall, an incredibly selfless man, and someone I always have and always will look up to,” Alas said.

Alas yearns to keep his family and friends incredibly close; in times of both difficulty and pleasure. This moral is one he firmly believes will remain with him throughout his whole life.

Additionally, Alas’ significant other, Isabelle Nunes, is not only a substantial motivating factor in his life but is also a spectator of every one of his products. 

“Sebastian’s passion for film and music is undoubtedly the biggest part of who he is; it’s what makes him a dreamer who is able to aspire and reach every goal he sets in life. It’s how he communicates, how he loves, and how he sees the world around him,” Nunes said.

As Nunes sees, Alas’ passion is built on a foundation of creativity and a dreamer’s mentality where little thought is put into the end goal, and his mind is in the present moment than in the future.

Like many young people, professionals in the industry seem to have their family and friends as motivations. However, their passion for simply creating is what overtakes their artistry. Co-owner and producer at Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, Connecticut, Kenny Cash, has outstanding experience in the world of art and music.

“My love and passion for creating and the therapy it gives me during crazy times is what motivates me to keep producing work,” Cash said.

Although not the only motivation, professionals in the field grow from being motivated by their family and friends, to themselves and beyond. 

While many seek passions and journeys in life where a great reward is returned, Alas feels that the simple gratification of a love for what he does from others is significant enough of an honor.

“I want to make content that people like. I don’t necessarily need to win big awards, but I want people to appreciate and for there to be a love for whatever it is I do,” Alas said.

Alas has always expressed his passion in many ways. From talking about his favorite artists’ latest released albums, to the plots of movies, he seeks to convey his interest as much as possible.

“From family to friends, he never turns down an opportunity to talk about the things he loves most in this world. I see it in his face as it lights up at the dinner table when he raves about Marvel or intricate plots. I feel it in his joy when he plays songs we both love,” Nunes said.

In the current moment, Alas understands that making his dream a reality means taking a step towards creating his own content. He currently works with a friend to get his ideas on paper and out into the real world.

“Right now, I’m working with a close friend of mine on a movie idea. We’ve been working through scenes, characters, and overall plot details to make a true film,” Alas said. “One day, when the story is finished, a set, a cast, and an amazing team will be there to help me make this dream a reality.”

Alas claims that an important yet difficult part of creating content is getting the ideas out in the air and down on paper. He feels that having a partner has helped him understand his thoughts and compose them into a real plan, bringing him one step closer to making his dream a reality.

Cash’s professional experience has not only brought him to grow but gets him to grow more day after day. He believes that every experience he undergoes helps him develop more into the person and artist he truly is.

“As a producer, I get to see artists from all walks of life grow and develop. I get to be part of that developmental process while I develop and grow at the same time. Growth is always happening, and I get to continue to learn. I get to take these lessons with me not just in music and art but my outlook on other elements of life as well!” Cash said.

Alas sees similar development in his life. From a young age, he always loved art, and he believes it has pushed him to excel in both his passion and personal elements of life.

Sebastian Alas. A student, a motivator, a young artist.


“Each day I pray for evening just

To be with you

Together at last at twilight time

Together at last at twilight time”


*The first and last paragraphs are the intro and outro to Twilight Time by The Platters

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