Snow Storm Debacle



Snow Storm Debacle

By Andrew Nisco

Over the past two weeks, Mother Nature finally decided to give the Northeast all the snow that so many students have been longing for this winter. From Friday, January 23 to Saturday, January 24, Connecticut was supposed to receive five to eight inches of snow, as well as treacherous driving conditions with sleet and ice. An indoor track meet originally planned for the 24th was postponed to Wednesday, January 28. Wilton was hit with about three inches, which then turned to ice underneath more snow.

Immediately after that storm, there was talk of one of the biggest storms of the century. A possible blizzard of two-and-a-half feet with fifty-mile-per-hour gusts of wind was supposed to hit just about the entire Northeast. This sent millions across the region running to stores to buy the necessities in the event of a loss of power. Many students were hopeful of no school on Tuesday and Wednesday. That was not the case, however. WHS was granted an early dismissal on Monday January 26 and no school on Tuesday January 27. This led to a rescheduling of sports events such as a girls basketball game, which was postponed to Wednesday the 28th, and even complete cancellation of an indoor track meet. The blizzard itself, though, was a complete disappointment—Wilton received only five inches of snow. Let’s just say the forecasters miscalculated the storm for just about the entire Northeast.

Of course this past weekend was the Super Bowl, an intensified matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. The next day, the possibility of three to five inches of snow and icy roads forced schools to close again. Many students who stayed up late Sunday night to watch the game got what they’d hoped for: that the weathermen were correct this time, granting students a snow day to sleep in the day after the big game. Well, Mother Nature surely made this week an eventful one..