Read to Me Club

It has been scientifically proven that reading to young children helps them learn how to do many things. Washington Post states reading to children “helps them learn to speak, interact, bond with parents and read early themselves, and reading with kids who already know how to read helps them feel close to caretakers, understand the world around them and be empathetic citizens of the world”. As someone who had been read to at a young and still loves to read today, I found it important to give all children that same experience. So I started a club that does just that, read to young kids. Last week we made our first visit to Miller-Driscoll, hopefully we will make many more. While there are only a few of us in the club now we have made steady progress since the club meetings started up. We will hopefully continue making even more progress through the end of the year and even next year! If you are interested in joining meetings take place in Ms. Sluzewski’s room (child development) at 7:45 Thursday mornings, or you can email me: [email protected]