College Admissions Scandal

The process of applying to college and waiting for an acceptance can be considered one of the most stressful times in a high schooler’s life. This makes the news of the college admissions scandal all the more interesting. Most people have already heard of the scandal and all of the different ways parents have used money to get their children into elite colleges. However, not everyone is shocked at the news, with the excuse that this kind of thing happens all time, this time, however, everyone was caught. Both students and parents are upset by this news. The kids who got into the elite colleges through their parents bribing and lying, did not truly “earn” a spot in those colleges. Other kids who have worked hard all throughout high school and strived to get accepted into these schools lost their spot. All that work for nothing. As high schoolers we are told that everyone gets in somewhere, and if college is not the right fit, there are so many other options. While peer pressure is a big issue in high schools across the country, the decision ultimately comes down to the student. What was the largest factor in these parents going to extremes in order for their children to get into a good school? Now these children are going to have a very hard time trying to become successful in the future because of these actions. These families are very fortunate to have this wealth, but it is just as important to know how to use it in a responsible manner. Wealth gives those who have it great power, but many abuse that power, and in this case, it has affected their children and other teenagers across the country hoping to get into these colleges. Now that the cases are unraveling further, it is important to remember the power of honesty and trying to be as real as possible.