Thor: Ragnarok Is (Almost) Everything You’d Want In A Marvel Film



Thus far, I’ve found the Thor franchise to be consistently enjoyable. The original was a fun introduction to the character, and the sequel, while problematic (several narrative/performance issues), was a solid action film that did it’s job in expanding the character’s story and leaving room for more. So when Ragnarok debuted, I went in with reasonably high expectations.

And they were met.

Ragnarok may just be the best Thor film yet, and a lot of that is owed to the director, Taika Waititi. Watiti – who has established himself as one of the best new comedy directors – has his name written all over this. Every scene is bursting with the level of humor and visual flair that we (or at least I) saw in his other films such as Hunt for the Wilderpeople. In addition to Waititi’s stellar direction, his character in this film (whom I will not spoil) is easily one of the best elements to come out of the Thor franchise.

My only real gripe with this film is that it didn’t have enough emotion. Sure, a film about a flying viking and his adventures with an angry version of the Jolly Green Giant don’t have to be heartbreaking dramas, but considering that it literally has ‘Ragnarok’ (which is essentially the apocalypse in Norse mythology) in the title, there’s shockingly little emotion to be found.

On the bright side, the performances are across the board great. Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo continue to embody their respective characters, reminding us why we still sit through all these films on the Marvel conveyer belt. However, the standout performance here is Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster. As someone who enjoys his classic roles such as Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park, it’s a treat to see him have fun with a role again.

The CGI varies in quality throughout the film, being especially distracting in the final battle. Speaking of battles, the action is consistently fun. It may not be as good as say, The Avengers’ action, but it’s perfectly serviceable.

To sum it all up, Thor: Ragnarok is not the best Marvel film. It is definitely among the better films, and delivers as a well directed, wickedly fun little action film I’m sure most will enjoy.