This Week in Wilton Fashion


By Parker Mavis ’17                                                        

Anyone can tell that the “Legging Revolution” has enveloped Wilton High School. Many girls choose to wear leggings as pants as a substitute to heavy jeans or even jeggings. Based on the fact that Wilton’s main focus is sports, it could have been predicted that female students would begin to wear Lulu Lemon yoga pants and leggings to school- not just when they are working out. The range of stores that are popular with students include Vineyard Vines, Lulu Lemon, Patagonia, Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, Free People, B Chic, and occasionally Forever 21. (Basically most of the Westport town center) These stores include looks that have been left untouched by the student body. For example, Urban Outfitters has a surplus of dresses that are casual enough for school and stylish enough to get compliments by strangers. Most feel more comfortable in pants/leggings rather than skirts or dresses which is interesting considering that some dresses can be less restricting than jeans. The handful of stores that make up the popular clothing choices are not the only choices. Some of the most put-together outfits are not the ones that everyone else is wearing, they are the ones that are flattering and true to oneself’s sense of style.