Second Semester Transitions

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Second Semester Transitions

By Nicholas DiCorato


The end of the first semester reveals a startling transformation in many Wilton High School students. Formerly timid freshmen have newfound confidence, while over-stressed seniors have begun to relax with graduation drawing nearer by the day. The atmosphere of the halls has changed; gone is much of the tension caused by the first semester’s harsh transition from the carefree days of summer. Wilton High School’s students have gracefully settled into their strata, fulfilling their duties as members of a social, fast-paced, and academically-demanding community.

Liam DeFelice, ‘18, felt well adjusted to the workload and overall school environment. “In 8th grade, we were told to expect a rude awakening when we got to high school. It was blown out of proportion,” offered DeFelice. His first semester went well, and “the best part was probably just getting involved with activities.” Anticipating second semester, DeFelice stated with confidence, “I look forward to academic improvement and continuing to put myself out there.”

Justin Kelly, ‘18, expressed similar sentiments. “There hasn’t been any friction with the upperclassmen. I feel like I belong here, and it feels good to be halfway done with freshman year,” said Kelly. Making the freshman basketball team and excelling in geometry highlight a successful first semester for Kelly.

While freshmen acclimated themselves to high school, the seniors began completing their final academic requirements and preparing for their own impending transition.

As he lounged in the cafeteria during 2nd lunch, Neal Sarup ‘15 offered some reflections. “I’m looking to be done. I really don’t like high school,” stated Sarup, looking jaded as he perused his calculus notes, potato chips in hand. “I’m looking forward to college,” he concluded firmly.

Ben Foodman, ‘15, echoed Sarup’s words. “I feel relieved—I’m in college but haven’t decided where I’m going yet,” provided Foodman. “I look forward to putting schoolwork on cruise control.”

The relaxed attitudes of these seniors reveal little about the three and a half years of constant challenges they faced, especially their first semester and the college process. “My applications took more time than I expected. It was harder than I had imagined,” sighed Sarup.

Dan Marino, ‘15, found that “midterms were a struggle this year” and that overall his senior year has “really not been as relaxing as I thought it might be.” Sporting a sweatshirt from Lafayette College, the school he will attend next fall, Marino too is ready for the next step.

With second semester well underway, Wilton High School students have established themselves in their respective roles. Each day brings them closer to that end-of-year benchmark and an inevitable transition..