Executive Board Moves Forward with Phys. Ed. Proposal


Alika Zangieva ’15

We’ve all gone through it: The sacrifice of that precious Morning Free, the 16 laps around the track, and the merciless hit on the GPA when forgetting to make up those gym classes. It has been stomped and stormed about at every Student Senate meeting for years but has never become more than a discussion point.


As of March 12th, the Executive Board has changed this. After yet another discussion at the Student Senate meeting in February, Treasurer Endy Perry took action on drafting a proposal. “It became a team effort,” he says. “We did research on state policies, other schools, and the current policy.”


But this was not all. On Thursday evening, Perry posted a Google Document in the Senior Class facebook page asking for feedback and suggestions regarding the current policy. An anonymous page made available to the entire Senior class sounds like a disaster, but the Class of 2015 proved otherwise. “We got some amazing responses,” says Perry. “Over thirty people submitted either long paragraphs or essays.”


Though no concrete change has been considered, multiple possibilities were proposed. The Executive Board has been clear that an abolition of the policy is “unreasonable,” and any changes made will result in a “realistic policy.” According to Perry, such changes consist of the administration of free passes to students for a limited number of absences, or the removal of the requirement to make up absences that have been excused.


The Executive Board will not reveal the members of Administration who took part in the meeting but all consider successful: “The Administration really heard our concerns and agreed that something needed to change.” The Physical Education teachers were not present at the meeting but are to be included in future meetings.


According to Executive Board President Cooper Pellaton, any changes made to the Phys. Ed. Class Make Up system have the potential to alter other electives’ policies as well. If the changes prove to be successful, the Class of 2015 can check off their “senior gift” to Wilton High School.