Prom & Poppins

WHS Theater Association hosts Prom Dress Fundraiser


WHS Theater

On Friday, WHS Theater Association will host the fundraiser, “Project Prom,” to gather donations for Mary Poppins, the spring show.

WHS Theater is thrilled to put on Mary Poppins for this spring show. The cast has been rehearsing for 2-3 weeks already. “It’s really, really exciting,” said Sayuki Layne, a junior at WHS and Miss Andrew in the show.

“[It’s] a big show,” she explained. “Costumes, lights, big sets, and flying.” She is referencing Mary Poppins’ iconic umbrella descent from the clouds, which she also mentioned the importance of doing safely. Because of this, the WHS Theater Association needs funds. In a creative twist, the Association cooked up Project Prom: from 3-8 PM on Friday, March 24, they will turn the Zellner Gallery into a boutique for second-hand, donated prom dresses. 

Visitors can “try on up to 3 items in one of our dressing rooms…Find an item you LOVE…[and] DONATE to WHS Theater,” according to their advertisement post on the @whs_theater and @whs_littletheaterclub Instagram pages. The buyer chooses how much to pay for their selections, then poses with a sparkling cider in the photo booth. “There’s no price tag on anything. If you decide to take a dress, you pay how much you think you should,” Layne said.

The Little Theater Club, WHS Theater Association’s student branch, will also host a bake sale for additional fundraising. The idea is simple: to put Mary Poppins in the sky, visit the Zellner from 3-8pm for some end-of-the-week shopping, and maybe even treat yourself to a cookie.