The New and Improved Club Fair?

The New and Improved Club Fair?

In a year unlike any other, everyone has learned how to adapt: from the older generation who could never have imagined anything like this to the younger generation, who at this point, do not know any different. All throughout the summer and working into the fall, schools worldwide shifted their models, trying to create a safe system in which some students could have the opportunity to learn in a classroom surrounded by real people. 

Wilton High School is no exception. Administration has worked extremely hard to ensure that their students can have as rich an experience as possible in this new world of masks and social distancing. There are many aspects that are not possible this year, but certain events and activities have been modified so that they can still occur in a safe, beneficial manner. Wilton High School is lucky enough to have a myriad of clubs for its students to choose from, allowing students to become involved in new activities or in something that piques their interest. Though in a modified format, the club fair was still able to occur, to an extent, in a way that allowed students to read through a long list of everything offered and to become involved in what they want. In addition to the club fair, many clubs have also had to modify how they meet and what they do. I had the pleasure of talking to several club presidents about their clubs and how they are functioning this year. 

Firstly, the Forum started the new year strong, despite all of the year’s challenges, developing a strong group of upper-classmen to guide, and eventually pass the paper on to future student leaders. The club was re-organized and improved by new Editor-in-Chief, Lora Simakova. We have become more present on our website and other social media platforms and regularly publish articles ranging from sports to entertainment to breaking news around the world. If you are interested, please visit our website: or contact Lora at [email protected]

Next, I emailed with Robotics Club President, Mary Emerson. On the surface, this club would have a harder time adjusting to this new normal, because robotics is so hands-on, but they have not been phased and have taken the challenge head on! They currently meet every Monday afternoon from 3:30-4:30 on Zoom. These meetings have been focused on recruiting and helping new members learn the programming and building systems they use so that if they are allowed to see each other in person, they will be able to hit the ground running. Excitingly, they are in the process of submitting a proposal to the administration for permission to meet safely and socially distanced in person so that they can start building robots. They are still hoping to enter a Vex Robotics competition in February. They entered the same competition last year as well. However, depending on new guidelines and safety changes, this goal may be adjusted accordingly. Hopefully, the Robotics Club is able to accomplish more of their goals and meet in person later in the year. If you are interested or want to learn more, email Mary at [email protected]

I met over Zoom with Anika Engel, the president of Serious Fun. In past years, the club has held many bake sales both in the school cafeteria and at the Village Market to raise money for the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, which allows children with medical conditions to attend a summer camp, free of charge. This year, however, bake sales are not an option, so other plans were made. The club held an online “pop-up” store selling popcorn for five days, which was extremely successful, raising over $4,000. In comparison to planning and organizing a bake sale, Anika said that it was really easy to coordinate and run. The website allowed them to choose dates and create a “team” where each member had their own “store” to advertise in order to raise money. Under the circumstances and the success of their recent sale, the club is thinking of running another one around Valentines Day. The club itself has been and will continue to meet over Zoom on Wednesdays. In addition to fundraising, they have other goals they would like to accomplish. For example, they are planning to set up meetings with representatives of the main branch to speak with the club and inform new members on the nature of Serious Fun. If you are interested in Serious Fun or would like to learn more about what they do contact Anika at [email protected]

The Read to Me Club has been successfully meeting since the club fair and been adjusting to the new normal. The club has recruited many new members, allowing them to reach more people. In a normal year, the club members contact teachers at Miller-Driscoll and set up times to visit their classrooms to read stories to their students. This year, however, everything has been done over Zoom. Members are either recording themselves reading books and sending the videos to their teachers or spending some time reading over Zoom. The club is excited to be able to continue meeting and reading as it is a highlight of their day and the young students always enjoy hearing the stories and talking to an older kid. They are looking forward to organizing something similar at Cider Mill for the holidays. If you are interested or have any questions please contact Read to Me President, Anastasia Rogozinski at [email protected]

I had the opportunity to talk with Jordan Foster, the president of Kitchen Club, about how her club was started and how they have adapted, as they are not able to use the school kitchen or meet as a big group. Previously the Culinary Club, it was officially rebranded last year as the Kitchen Club. They immediately began planning and engaging in many different types of activities and finding unique recipes. This year, they began the year and continue to meet over Zoom on Mondays after school for about 1 ½ hours. One of their main goals so far has been to recruit new members. Jordan has been busy planning out what she wants to accomplish for the rest of the year. She plans on finding new recipes each week and sending out a poll to other members to see what they prefer. Then, they will be able to meet and cook the chosen recipe together. Jordan wants to ensure her activities are interactive to keep her members engaged, we all know about Zoom fatigue! Just one of her many ideas for this is to have members share cultural and traditional recipes from their own homes. With this she hopes to make a cookbook at the end of the year, showcasing all of their recipes from throughout the year. In the next few weeks they will be working on holiday-related recipes. She is also looking into holding “Cupcake Wars” later in the year and having guest culinary speakers speak with the club about the culinary field itself. Social media platforms have been created as well to keep members engaged and spread the word about the club. Jordan says the club is “A place to learn and grow and have fun”. If you have any questions or are interested please contact Jordan at [email protected]

We would love to learn more about the amazing clubs offered at Wilton High School!

If you are interested in having your club featured in The Forum please contact me, the Head of Campus and Clubs at [email protected]