On Friday, WHS Theater Association will host the fundraiser, “Project Prom,” to gather donations for Mary Poppins, the spring show.

Prom & Poppins

Saniya Shah, Editor-in-Chief March 23, 2023

WHS Theater is thrilled to put on Mary Poppins for this spring show. The cast has been rehearsing for 2-3 weeks already. “It’s really, really exciting,” said Sayuki Layne, a junior at WHS and Miss...

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Ms. Fodor is a teacher who always has a smile on her face both in and out of the math classroom.

Humans of WHS: Ms. Fodor

Yana Giannoutsos, Editor-in-Chief March 23, 2023

Tell me a story about yourself: How would you describe yourself and why? I always like to look at the positive side of things, especially if there is a lot of negativity around it. That is a really...

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From fashion to film, this years Academy Awards didnt disappoint.

Everything from the 2023 Oscars Ceremony: From Film to Fashion

Yana Giannoutsos, Editor-in-Chief March 16, 2023

After 95 years, the annual Academy Awards ceremony continues to prove that the best things (and films) in life are the most authentic ones. Held on Saturday, March 12 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles,...

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Mr. M conducts a choir during the pandemic.

Humans of WHS: Mr. Mandelbaum

Angel Gupta, Staff Writer March 2, 2023

Tell me a story about yourself: “I’m Mr. Mandelbaum. I am the choral director at Wilton High School, and this is my first year teaching at the high school.”  For many high school students,...

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Singer, fashion mogul, and business owner Rihanna shocked fans in the stands and at home with her captivating halftime show performance.

Rihanna’s Halftime Show: Did it Shine Bright, or Fall Flat?

Yana Giannoutsos, Editor-in-Chief February 14, 2023

For sports fanatics, Super Bowl festivities consist of eating an endless buffet of wings in front of the television, anxiously awaiting the next play (and throwing a fit if it doesn’t go their way)....

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Here are 5 must-watch Valentines day films.

Valentine’s Day Movie Review

Molly Kaeyer, Staff Writer February 14, 2023

With Valentine's Day love in the air, I am sure everyone is waiting for a romance movie to watch. So gather around, pop some popcorn, grab a blanket, and get cozy because here are a few for you.   The...

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Wilton and Westport seniors at the Red and Whites ball pose for a picture.

The County Assemblies: Demystified

Yana Giannoutsos and Joy Ren February 13, 2023

Come fall, every junior and senior at Wilton High School receives an invitation to The County Assemblies. Lettered in fancy red script, the pamphlet mirrors a formal affair, one where sweatshirts transform...

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Made on Procreate.

The County Assemblies

Shayna Wilson-Spiro, Art Editor January 27, 2023

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Created on Procreate.

The New Age

Shayna Wilson-Spiro, Art Editor January 26, 2023

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Hanukkiahs, latkes, and other traditional items adorn the tables of those who celebrate Hanukkah, a Jewish holiday that lasts for eight days.

8 Common Misconceptions about Hanukkah

Shayna Wilson-Spiro, Art Editor December 24, 2022

1. Hanukkah is the most important Jewish holiday.  The story of Hanukkah doesn’t appear in the Jewish Bible. Instead, the classic Hanukkah story is based on the account in the Septuagint, a later...

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