The 2018 World Series: Salty Edition

Cole Stefan

This is going to be very interesting. Boston won the 2018 world series in five games over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Boston worked so hard to get where they were, however, there is only one problem to this kind of situation. The Red Sox literally had to beat the New York Yankees to get to where they were. Firstly, why did Boston have to commit their sins on us? Haven’t we been through enough not winning a pennant in nine years? Signing J.D. Martinez was not the most disgusting part of the season, it was beating the Yankees in four games that all fans will find disgusting for many years to come. You had many, if not enough, pieces to make noise in the division again, but that is our job, not yours. For the record, at least Price is still trash against the Yankees. The most disgusting part of that entire series was when Brock Holt did this thing called hit for the cycle in game 3. The ninth inning of game four was exciting, but Craig Kimbrel did not have to do that thing. The happiest moments I can find from your absolutely filthy season was when you got swept by the Rays and when you guys finally lost on the road in the postseason. Once you guys hit the streets boasting and bragging about your world series title, we wished the madness could end. Why did you have to say the things that you said at your speech celebrating your ninth, still less than twenty seven, world title.


As for the Dodgers, oh boy. Not as much salt coming from a Yankees fan, but there is still salt. Despite not playing the Yankees this season at all, you guys still bring some trouble. For the record, you were the only team in last year’s postseason at the time of the NLDS. With all due respect, I wanted a different team in the world series, despite there being a combined drought of over fifty years over all of the teams. Variety would be nice, but this is what we get. You basically had one job, and you failed to accomplish that once game seven of the NLCS came around. Your trades were good, but they were not enough to break the system and change the course of baseball for decades to come. Despite having nice players, you guys also failed at becoming the first team since the 1986 New York Mets to defeat the Boston Red Sox in the world series, massive shame on you for that, especially since blowing a couple games in Los Angeles did not help the cause at all.


If anything, I am disappointed by the way this world series played out, but at the same time, for those fans of the twenty-seven other teams not mentioned in this article, we can throw lots of disgust and jealousy at the Red Sox, disappointment at the Dodgers, and pray that everything goes right next year.