Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast

Lauren Travers

Everyone has heard the phrase “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and it is, Breakfast is very important and should never be skipped. While breakfast does fuel a person’s energy for the day it contributes to many other  things that keep people healthy. Eating in the morning could help increase the performance of memory and attention span for children as well as help the concentration of students during school. A study done by the Food Action and Wellness Center found that teenagers who have breakfast perform better on tests. Breakfast can also help increase your energy. When you wake up your blood sugar is low and eating breakfast will raise your blood sugar and give you the energy for school. Without breakfast, your blood sugar will be low which can lead to a tired or angry mood in the morning and could affect your behaviour in your morning classes. Eating food in the morning can improve students mood and focusing skills and that is why you should listen when people say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.