This Week in Fashion

Parker Mavis ’17

Throughout the world, the 90s have become an inspiration for many trends on and off the runway. It’s not a surprise that Brandy Melville utilizes the grunge look that was popular within the time period: flannels, light-wash distressed boyfriend jeans, and the overall minimalistic look that embodied the 1990s. Movies such as Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, and even Hocus Pocus show examples of outfits that would be considered “effortlessly chic” today. Closer to home, girls have started to wear knee socks in resemblance to Cher, the main character in Clueless. Using the past as inspiration for looks that are relevant today is a common phenomenon—especially if one of the most iconic 90s TV show was just put on Netflix. Unsurprisingly, people find inspiration in and want to dress like their favorite characters from TV shows or movies, such as, for example, Friends. This recent influx of effortlessly beautiful looks has filled the hallways of Wilton High School and has become a staple in the fashion choices you may see during classes..