Fall Food Review: Tusk & Cup

Chloe Mandel

We all know Starbucks to be the purveyor of many iconic fall treats, but I’ve always believed that the baked goods and beverages of Wilton’s own local coffee shops rival that of the familiar chain. To test that theory, I visited Tusk & Cup in Wilton Center. As soon as I entered, the cozy vibe combined with the aroma of hot coffee put me in a decidedly autumnal mood. Though the glass display case held countless tempting scones, cookies, and bars, I knew which sweet treat I had to order: the pumpkin gelato, topped with a dollop of a delicious-looking caramel gelato for good measure. Of course, in order to make a true comparison to Starbucks, it was necessary to sample Tusk & Cup’s Pumpkin Spice Latte as well.

The pumpkin gelato, as I predicted, was smooth, creamy, and pumpkin-y through and through. It also contained a pleasant surprise: there were tiny swirls of sweet pumpkin buried in the scoop. My only critique is that these swirls could have been larger and more numerous! The two gelato flavors I ordered turned out to be a killer combination; the rich, slightly bitter flavor of the dark caramel perfectly contrasted the lighter, sweeter pumpkin. Like the caramel gelato, the Pumpkin Spice latte had bitter undertones to its initial sweetness; however, this only added to its overall deliciously complex flavor.

As far as fall foods go, I’m pretty easy to please. However, I’d choose Tusk & Cup over Starbucks anyday for that category. There’s something about the way my favorite local eateries can surprise me — for instance, with pumpkin swirls in my gelato — that gives them a definite edge.