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Quinn Lupton and Emma Driver

May 25, 2018

Perhaps some of the most influential playwrights of all time, Rodgers and Hammerstein, have certainly left their mark on the theater world and have inspired multiple generations with their classic shows. In fact, Wilton High Sch...

Thor: Ragnarok Is (Almost) Everything You’d Want In A Marvel Film

Sebastion Hunt

December 15, 2017

  ★★★1/2 Thus far, I’ve found the Thor franchise to be consistently enjoyable. The original was a fun introduction to the character, and the sequel, while problematic (several narrative/performance issues), was a solid action film that d...

Blade Runner: 2049 Is Almost Brilliant

By Sebastian Hunt

October 19, 2017

★★★★ Blade Runner: 2049 is like Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the sense that it acts as both a sequel and a reboot of a beloved, Harrison Ford sci-fi epic (although Star Wars is *slightly* more popular than Blade Runner). In addition...

IT Is Terrifyingly Good

IT Is Terrifyingly Good

October 2, 2017

Fall Activities

Allie Bartels

October 2, 2017

Fall is starting, so pull out your sweaters and mark your calendars for days full of changing leaves and lots of pumpkins. There are lots of fall actives around Wilton that are perfect to kick off the feeling of fall. First, the...

Arts Festival: Monday Review

Lily Kepner

March 24, 2017

Walking into school on an ordinary Monday morning can be a particularly difficult task, but this Monday was no ordinary day. WHS greeted its students and faculty with a bright display of balloons and banners over the main stone...

Una Vida Mejor

Una Vida Mejor

May 2, 2015

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