Leaving the Jungle

Emma Driver

The beginning of fourth quarter can only mean one thing for seniors: senior slump. With all of the important college decisions made, many seniors can hardly wait to get out of school and begin to enter the world of adulthood. While easy to overlook during the commotion of passing time between classes, the countdown to senior internship posted on a wall by a section of lockers on the second floor is only one of the many ways to determine that the end of the year is upon us.

With the approach of the end of the year, we reached out to some seniors as they prepare to depart from Wilton High School to find out how they were feeling about leaving WHS behind. “It seems surreal that I am so close to finishing my high school career,” one senior said. “There are so many things I still have to do.” Another senior remarked that “It’s a very bittersweet feeling – there are a bunch of friends I’m really not looking forward to leaving.”

Nostalgia isn’t the only emotion circulating around the jungle. A great advantage to being a senior is the senior internship at the end of the year. Not only does participating in one mean you get out of school a month early, internships can range from a variety of topics, depending on what the student wants to do. One senior mentioned that they were “so excited to do an internship based on what [they’re] actually interested in.” Another senior commented, saying that “the last four years were the most exciting in my life so far…I’m beyond excited for the next four years – I can’t wait to see what kind of person I become.”

That said, there’s no question that WHS has left a lasting imprint on the class of 2018. When asked how he felt leaving WHS to go onto the next step, one senior said “While high school will remain a memory, the friendships will most definitely not. I’ve made such strong connections with many people that have helped shape my identity, making it impossible to forget them…I can’t wait to see how successful each one becomes as we all go our separate ways.”