Homecoming: Why Go?

Lily Kepner

The 22nd of October, packed with many activities ranging from ACTs to color runs, forces Wilton High School students to prioritize their day to the bare necessities. Our packed schedules requires us to eliminate new events from our schedule instead of willingly add them to our hectic schedules, framing homecoming as simply a silly party in the Cider Mill gym. Homecoming is a time to celebrate community, football, and friends. It is a reminder that even as we continue our journey through and out of the high school, we will always share our home with the Warriors and keep our unwavering Wiltonian pride.

I wasn’t planning to go to my first homecoming. I wanted to, but I was busy preparing for a horse show the next day, so I opted to just attend the game instead. It was a rainy weekend, wiping out the club fair and canceling my horse show. I was crushed; I had prepared tirelessly for the show, just for it to be canceled. That’s when I realized where I should be. I immediately texted my friend who participated in student government, and I asked if there was any way I could get a ticket. If you take one thing away from this, remember: buy your ticket during spirit week. I pulled every string I had, contacting the advisor for my Class and the Student Body president, until I finally had the golden ticket in.

And was it worth it? Absolutely. Walking down the thoroughly decorated hallway in my borrowed beautiful navy dress and beige wedges, I could feel my heart beating in the anticipation of seeing the gym, where the dancing would be held.  I walked into that gym I had spent so many elementary concerts and gym classes in, expecting to be hit with a wave of reminiscing, but it never came. I entered an oasis of pure excitement, dancing the night away with friends, singing along to the songs of 2015 until I could sing no more. The DJ played every song from “Shut up and Dance” to “Watch Me”. The lighting was dark, the music was loud, and the room was packed. Despite every other thing I could have been doing that night, I never looked back on my decision with regret.

You may have other obligations on Saturday the 22nd, but I encourage you to take a step back, and reflect. Think about where you’ll be in twenty years: which memories will you keep? Will you remember an extra night’s sleep, or dancing the night away with friends? Cheering for your home team, or catching up on homework? I challenge you to prioritize and choose Homecoming, choose the Warriors, and choose to have a great night of dancing, laughing and chanting to all your favorite songs, surrounded by your friends.