Amy Tans The Joy Luck Club stands as a beautiful novel definitely worth a read.

An Immigrant’s Luck

Angel Gupta, Staff Writer March 5, 2022

“This house was built too steep, and a bad wind from the top blows all your strength back down the hill. So you can never get ahead. You are always rolling backward”.  Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck...

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Wilton Board of Education members unanimously vote in favor of the mask optional policy.

Breaking News: Wilton Board of Education Adopts Mask Optional Policy

Joy Ren and Allison Eidt February 17, 2022

After weeks of intense discussion and debate amongst Wilton parents, students, and school staff over the removal of CT school mask mandate to a new, mask-optional environment, the Wilton Board of Education...

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Ocean Vuong offers an introspective, jarring story in his first novel, On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous.

Some Things Truly Are Gorgeous

Saniya Shah, Managing Editor February 3, 2022

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous, by Ocean Vuong, explores the very depth of being. In this fiction narrative heavily based on personal experiences, Vuong constructs a poignant, tragic, horrifying, and...

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Christine Collins encompasses the College and Career Center and everything within it.

Humans of WHS: Christine Collins

Pamir Canan, Guest Writer February 3, 2022

The pandemic has been felt especially hard for Christine Collins, who has been accustomed to living in a mask-free world where she can freely travel internationally. Born a travel enthusiast, Collins has...

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In light of Chinese New Year, beautiful artwork takes center stage.

Beauty in Culture

Bernie Huang, Media Staff February 2, 2022

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Students take frequent breaks while studying due to disconnectivity in education.

Disconnected in an Increasingly Connected World

Ava Marini, Staff Writer January 27, 2022

Zoning out for a few minutes, doodling on your paper, whispering to your friend. We’ve all done it before, whether we meant to or not. Students are prone to losing focus in school; they’re human, and...

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Ladybird grows with the spectator as they grow with her.

Ladybird: A Movie That Grows With You

Ria Raniwala, Managing Editor January 24, 2022

In all of Earth’s 4.6 billion years, it’s pure serendipity that we happen to be alive to witness some of the planet’s best ages. Some are glad they exist at the same time as rapidly increasing technological...

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The Library Learning Commons develops into a loved and well-resourced area.

Re-emergence and Convergence

Yana Giannoutsos, Managing Editor January 18, 2022

Wilton High School’s library has long served both the students and faculty as an oasis: a sanctuary self-contained within the brick walls of the glass-covered structure. However, the aftermath of the...

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Wilton High School provides its students with useful resources in regards to college admissions.

Talk of the School: Useful but Unused

Pamir Canan, Guest Writer January 13, 2022

Another college admissions cycle is coming to an end. Despite the pandemic and teenagers’ ever-changing plans after high school, college admissions never stop. As high school seniors globally are getting...

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Wilton High School alters  its testing system for the upcoming years.

Wilton High School Reinvents Midterms and Finals

Camryn Czarnecki, Staff Writer January 11, 2022

Last year, Wilton High School made the executive decision to cancel midterms and finals due to Covid-19 and the negative effect it has had on students’ education. However, this school year is a little...

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